External venetian blinds

At Bulstores we also manufacture a special Venetian blind for your exterior which will allow you to filter the penetrating sun light by giving your windows an elegant and stylish look on the outside.


The Bulstores external venetian blind helps you regulate the sun light flow and heat with precision. By changing the angle of the slats of this blind you can adjust the level of brightness that enters your premises and limit the penetration of unwanted reflections without necessarily totally obscuring.

Their excellent balance between shading and daylight transmission, their thermal insulation characteristics and their simple and elegant appearance make this blind an indispensable element in the concept of energy efficiency of modern offices, retail shops, residential and industrial buildings.

The slats:
Can be shaped like "С" or "Z" and differ from those of the interior Venetian blind with their width which can be 50mm, 80mm, 90mm or other.

Manual operation, by electric motor (with button or remote control) or automatic by means of wind, sun or rain sensors.

More than 30 colors.

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